Diplomatic Relations of Vatican-Indonesia

“Vatican-Indonesia diplomatic relations must be seen in its context, first of all it is the relationship between the Vatican as a world center of the Catholic Church and Local Church in Indonesia. Catholic Church in Indonesia is very large and the Holy See felt the need to establish a relationship with his people here. Nunciature represents The Holy See to the Catholic Church in Indonesia. In that context, diplomatic relations between the two countries was built.

In the relations between the two countries, the main focus is related to issues of the Catholic Church. Nuncio in Indonesia is more involved in the dynamics of the Catholic Church in Indonesia. This is different from other embassies with its diplomatic relations related to economic, defense, social, and political issues. Although the Vatican Embassy also pay attention to those issues, but it is always seen in the context of their relations with the Catholic Church in Indonesia, including the peace and moral issues. My task is to establish communication with the dioceses in Indonesia and inform the Holy See about the development of the Catholic Church in Indonesia.”

~ Apostolic Nuncio Antonio G. Filipazzi

Current Events & Updates

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